Home Cleaning Towels-Home Supplies
Product Type: KitchenProduct material: coral velvetDescription: Absorbing water in the kitchen, wiping the table, dishwashing cloth, hand cloth, cleaning cloth Coral velvet material, good water absorption, soft fabric and good decontamination effect Good water absorption | No hair loss |...
$5.99 $1.99
Creative foldable insulated dish lid-homeware
Product material: Oxford cloth + pearl cotton + aluminum foilSize (length * width * height) S: 7.9*7.9*4.7 in / 20*20*12 cm L: 13.8*13.8*5.5 in / 35*35*14 cm
$12.99 from $5.99
Kitchen Door Handle Trash Bag Holder-Home Supplies
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: PPProduct features: no need to drill holes, hang on the kitchen cabinet door to use. You can hang garbage bags and rags.Size: length * width * height7.08*6.30*1.77 in / 18*16*4.5 cmimported
$8.99 $4.99
Multifunctional kitchen filter-homeware
Product type: Household productsProduct material: PP + PVCDescription: Prevent food waste from clogging the sewer Using PP material, thickening design, good toughness Can be used repeatedly, more environmentally friendly
$8.99 $4.99
Refrigerator Food Shelves-Home Supplies
Product type: StorageProduct material: PPFeatures: Hollow design, ventilated and dry without water accumulation Thickened PP design, strong and easy to use. Can be telescopic to adjust the length, easy to use Note:It can be stuck on a plate with a...
$16.99 $7.99
Household goods - 60 cm four-jaw clip dredging pipe
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: PP + iron wireFeatures: Strong toughness, can be bent, simple and practical Regular treatment to avoid water accumulation in the sink or slow drainage Handle design makes it easy to pick out slag and hair...
$35.99 $7.99
No drilling wrought iron lid storage rack
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct Material: IronProduct features: no drilling, strong bearing capacity. The iron material is beautiful and durable. The paint is not easy to rust, and the load bearing effect is good.Size: Imported
$19.99 $11.99
Kitchen sink drain bag-homeware
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: TPR rubberFeatures: Rubber material, good flexibility, easy to clean. The kitchen and bathroom are available, and small items such as cleaning balls, rags and soap can be placed. size:5.9*1.97*8.26in / 15*5*21cmImported
$16.99 $6.99
Strong Adhesive Multifunctional mop hook
Product type: StorageProduct material: PPFeatures: It is multi-purpose and can hold mop and broom in the middle. Towels or umbrellas can be hung on both sides. Note: It is recommended to start using after pasting and installing more than 24...
$28.99 $6.99
Multifunctional non-drilled iron hook
Product type: StorageProduct material: ironProduct features:Iron material, beautiful and durable. The paint is not easy to rust, and the load bearing effect is good.Size:Imported
$19.99 $7.99
Home Supplies - Kitchen Multi-Purpose Shelf
Product Type: KitchenwareProduct material: ABSproduct details: Store tissues, plastic wrap, tin foil, etc. The product has a built-in triangle cutter for easy cutting of tin foil and plastic wrap. Seasoning can be placed on the top. The product comes with...
$55.59 $29.99
Cans, beverages, alcohol, refrigerator storage rack-homeware
Material: IronSize: (length * width * height)13.4*5.1*7.1 inch / 34*13*18 cm * Importe
$32.99 $24.99
Washing Machine Hair Filter-Home Supplies
Product type: washing machine filter cleaning netProduct material: PE+EVA+polyesterFeatures: Floating design, fully automatic floating on the water without sinking. A fine net pocket. The tapered design will not entangle the clothes and fully filter the water flow. Filter hair, debris,...
$21.99 $11.99
Silicone Fresh Food Sealing Cap, Microwave Heating Sealing Cap-Homeware
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: siliconeFeatures: Transparent particles anti-slip effect Silicone material, good flexibility, not easy to deform The material is safe, so you can feel at ease with food Good adsorption and good sealing. It can seal fresh food...
$15.99 from $1.99
Large capacity dustproof storage bag
Product type: StorageProduct material: non-woven fabric Description: It is made of thick embossed non-woven fabric and made with fine workmanship. It is used to store clothes and quilts. Dustproof, moisture proof, large capacity, good inclusiveness and easy to carry out. Size:...
$15.99 $9.99
Wall sticker soap case-homeware
Product material: ABSsize:3.5*4.7 inches/ 9*11cm Note: It is recommended to start using after pasting and installing more than 24 hours.Applicable wall:Smooth tiles / smooth glass / smooth wood / smooth marble / smooth metal / UV tempered board.
$6.99 $3.99
Faucet rotatable shower-Home Supplies
Product material: ABS+PP+TPRDescription: The valve controls the outlet mode, two outlet modes are available, water column type and shower type outlet. The water column mode saves water, and the shower mode has a large water contact area. Strong and durable,...
$12.99 from $7.99
Multifunctional Shelves-Home Supplies
Product Type: Storage / BathroomProduct material: ABSDescription: Can rotate 180°, not limited by the angle of the wall. Wall-mounted, easy to install Hollow floor design, easy to drain With hidden hook, can be hidden when not in use Rotating cassette,...
$29.99 $18.99
Silicone pan side funnel prevents leaks-homeware
Product Type: Kitchen ToolsProduct material: food grade silicone materialproduct details:Food-grade silicone material, healthy and environmentally friendly, with good flexibility.
$12.99 $4.99
Kitchen Tools Cup Brush-Home Supplies
Product type: CleanProduct material: PET + PP + TPRProduct features:Clean the cup 360°. The fine and long soft bristles will not damage the surface of the cup. The brush head can be disassembled and used separately. The brush head is...
$15.99 $10.99
Car multifunctional gap cleaning brush-homeware
Product type: CleanProduct material: microfiber+PP+PEDescription: This product has a unique shape and can be wiped or brushed. Delicate and compact, easy to store. It is suitable for cleaning small gaps such as air-conditioning blades, shutters, keyboards and so on. The...
$15.99 $4.99
Simply Hair Dryer Support Easy to Install-Homeware
Product Type: StorageProduct material: ABS + viscoseDescription: Both large and small hairdryers can be used. fast and convenient. Store wires, clean and tidy It can store headband bracelets and other items. Easy to get. Strong bearing capacity Note:It is recommended...
$18.99 $8.99
Kitchen sink sponge drain rack-homeware
Product material: Iron + PPProduct Details:no drilling, strong bearing capacity. The iron material is beautiful and durable. The paint is not easy to rust, and the load bearing effect is good.Size: (length * width * height)2.76*2.08*4.73 in / 7*5.3*12 cm
$8.99 $6.99
No drilling Strong adhesive wall towel rail-homeware
Product material: Iron + wood + super viscoseProduct Details: no drilling, strong bearing capacity. The iron material is beautiful and durable. The paint is not easy to rust, and the load bearing effect is good. You can hang rags, roll...
$19.99 $10.99
Underwear storage compartment-homeware
Product Type: StorageProduct material: high-quality PPDescription: PP material is not easy to deform, strong and durable Multi-purpose, put on the table, drawer, and other places. Store loose objects Trapezoidal design, boxes can be stacked, using vertical space Divided space, classified...
$18.99 from $9.99
Strong adhesive hanger storage non-drilled iron rack
Product Type: Storage/HookProduct material: iron paintDescription: Simple installation, bearing about 10kg, not easy to damage the wall Double storage, large capacity. It is multi-purpose and can be used to hang towel brush hanger. Size: length * width * height=11.02*2.36*3.54in /...
$19.99 $13.99
Stainless steel semi-automatic eggbeater
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: stainless steelProduct features: no need to drill holes, hang on the kitchen cabinet door to use. You can hang garbage bags and rags.Size: length * handle diameter * handle head diameter9.84*0.78*2.36 in / 25*2*6 cmImported
$12.99 $9.99
3D deer head decoration hook
Product Type: Storage/HookProduct material: through benzene + viscoseDescription: Deer head hook design, spoiler decoration and practicality. Lightweight items such as clothes and accessories can be hung. Suitable for installation in the living room, bathroom, study and other locations. size: Deer:...
$9.99 $5.99
Home Assistant - Portable Bag Clip Mini Electronic Sealing Machine
Product type: Kitchen storageProduct material: ABSProduct Details: Pay attention to the correct installation of the battery, especially the positive and negative positions. Please slide slowly when sealing thicker snack bags to increase the sealing effect of the product. You can...
$31.06 $6.99
Multifunctional belt and tie storage rack
Product type: Household productsProduct material: ABS + ironDescription: Easily store belts, ties, scarves, etc. Rotatable iron hook for more flexible use. 10 card slots for storing more belts Size: (length * width)12.01*2.95 in / 30.5*7.5 cm
$19.99 $11.99
Handy Hooks in the Car-Home Supplies
Product Type: Jewelry StorageProduct material: PP + stainless steelSize:4.53*6.69 inches / 11.5*17 cmimported
$9.99 $5.99
5-pair Heel Cushion Pads
Product type: Women's productsProduct material: breathable spongeDescription: Strong adhesion but does not hurt shoes. Suitable for all kinds of women's shoes: leather shoes, single shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, etc. Effectively reduce the problems of grinding the back heel and...
$18.99 $11.99
Multifunctional kitchen storage rack
Material: PP Size: 4.52*7.08*0.86in / 11.5*18*2.2cm Imported
$14.99 $9.99
Refrigerator storage box(Can be pulled)
Material: PET+ABS+ironSize: 20*30.5*9.5cm / 7.87*12.00*3.74inSuitable for refrigerator partitions with a width of 11.8-17.33 inch (30-44 cm) import 
$32.99 from $19.99
Desktop Organizing Storage Box
Product type: StorageProduct material: PPProduct features: compartmental design with compact drawers. Sort out cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, etc.Size: length * width * height8.66*3.93*4.05 in / 22*10*10.3 cmImported
$18.99 $8.99
Towel Strong Adhesion to Wall Hook-Home Supplies
Product Type: StorageProduct material: PP+Viscose+SiliconeDetails: Adopting strong adhesive, no need to drill holes, do not hurt the wall. Silicone material, do not hook bad towel Note: It is recommended to start using after pasting and installing more than 24 hours. Size: 2.16*2.16*1.46in / 5.5*5.5*3.7cm...
$19.99 $9.99
Kitchen hanging storage rack-homeware
Product type: StorageProduct material: ironProduct features:Iron material, beautiful and durable. The paint is not easy to rust, and the load bearing effect is good.Size: 9.25*4.72*2.76 in / 23.5*12*7 cm
$15.99 $11.99
Hollow design geometric shape heat-insulation anti-slip placemat
Product Type: KitchenProduct material: TPRProduct description: TPR material, high temperature resistance, to prevent scalding the table. 6-sided design, any cushion can be spliced freely. Hollow design, faster heat dissipation. Non-slip insulation. Size:A: 5.43*5.43 in / 13.8*13.8 cmB: 5.43*5.43 in /...
$10.99 $4.99
Hanging Vegetable Storage Mesh Bag
Product Type: StorageProduct material: polyester meshSize: (length*width*height)9.8*2*10.6 in / 25*5*27 cm
$7.99 $2.99
Corner bumper-Home Supplies
Product material: PVCSize (length * width) Round head: 1.2*1.2*0.5 in / 3*3*1.2 cm Heart: 1.4*1.4*0.6 in / 3.5*3.5*1.5 cm
$9.99 from $1.99
6 PCS silicone fresh-keeping covers
Product material: food grade silicone materialProduct Details: The jewelry-grade silicone material can be directly put on food or containers to prevent water loss and is a good helper for food storage. Can be stretched to match containers of different sizes....
$15.99 $8.99
Home Cleaning Window Slot Brush-Home Supplies
Material: pp, scouring padSize: (length * width)5.5*3.1 inch / 14*8 cm * Imported
$9.99 $5.99
Foldable Double Layer Solid Storage Rack-Homeware
Product Type: Home SuppliesProduct material: thick PPSize: (length*width*height)7.9*5.4*8.1 in / 20*13.8*20.5 cm
$12.99 $8.99
Creative design portable folding basin
Product material: thickened PP + TPRProduct description: Environmental protection material, no odor. The basin body is thick and durable. Available in 3 sizes. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, etc. Multiple uses: You can wash your face, wash fruits and vegetables. Can...
$15.99 from $9.99
Mildew waterproof tape-homeware
Product Type: DecorationProduct material: PVCProduct details:Stick on the joint between the sink and the countertop, beautiful and easy to scrub.Size: (length * width)125.98*1.50 in / 320*3.8 cm
$14.99 $8.99

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